The spectrum of possible services is wide, the experiences from my former projects in different areas of the economy and society are multiple, and considering that I was changed in the assignation also to tasks which I donít have had before. One of my strong abilities is to organize problems in a logical and objective manner, combines with the required local sensibility and a good portion of abilities to improvisation.

In the following part we have a short description over the different area I was working, means assignments in these areas needs only a small consultation to be able to handle the tasks.

In cases with more detailed technical requirements in partial areas we have a group of freelancer fiends, which can be included if this is necessary, to fulfil the tasks with the best level of quality.


Business consulting

The subject of business consulting is very different in the special targets, and exceptional of any very big consulting enterprises the most can not cover all areas of these. In our case we like to limit the possible services to the followings:

  • Workflow and process studies, using the REFA system and/or UML methods, the last especially if the tasks are focusing in a later IT-relevant project,

  • Economic analyses and elaboration of documents for bank issues and the reception of national or community subsidies,

  • Conception and elaboration of PR-Materials for Web, PC, CD or printing,

  • Market supervision and analyzes according client specification.

Should be mentioned that the selection of the according method for the analysis can have a big economic impact, for future tasks, considering that the results are in different aspect similar, an analysis with Rational Rose is giving the direct nexus to a IT-solution of the analyzed area. Generally we are recommending a extern analysis of the workflow before there will be starting the elaboration of an IT solution.

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Energy, Water and Environment

This three areas are today nearly a main problem of this planet, requiring a big knowledge of complex issues, trying to resolve the apparent contradictions between technical progress and environment. Also in this area is only possible to cover e limited area, including in this the following issues:

  • Energetic calculations and analysis, starting in power plants until energy distribution networks,

  • Analysis and calculation of measures for the rational application of energy in technological processes, buildings and rooms,

  • Calculations and evaluations of alternative energy generation measures,

  • Analysis and calculations of water economic issues, cartographic aspects and planning,

  • Environment impact studies, project evaluations etc.

Considering that this area is very complex and the problem to resolve needs mostly a big scale of details, we suggest to contact us to give you a well founded answer to your problems.


Informatics, Internet and DTP

In the area informatics, internet and desktop publishing (DTP) are possible the following services:

  • Conception and installation of IT networks, as well the revision of existing networks,

  • System analysis and analysis of the requests for applications for existing and new IT solutions,

  • Conception of data bases and evaluation and maintenance of existing ones,

  • Troubleshooting and weak-point-analysis of existing IT systems,

  • Consulting and elaboration of contents for a enterprise presentation,

  • Conception of intranet works and implementation of the same,

  • Graphical and designing works printing and other enterprise materials,

  • Data evaluation and cartographic evaluation.

It's recommendable to analyze the content of tasks; especially in the combination of tasks there are reserves to optimize costs. As example I like to mention the combination of Internet works with the graphical part, which can be reused for DTP works, improving so the corporative image of your enterprise.

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Security consulting and installation

Security is a very individual value, it's depending of the values to protect and the individual feeling who safe you need to stay. So there are different starting-point and different technical possibilities. Our content of services is including the following:

  • Analyzing the weak-points and security relevant aspects,

  • Elaboration of security concepts and emergency plans,

  • Elaboration of security concepts in modular structure for:

    • Access control systems,

    • IT security systems,

    • Room or building security devices,

    • Integrated systems of the before mentioned.

  • Procurement and/or installation of security equipment according plan

  • Integration of security equipment in existing IT applications,

  • Conception, production and enrolment of/for security documents,

  • Card technology and additive security relevant solutions,

  • Integration of systems with other security devices and systems,

  • etc.

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