I'm married since 1989 with my wife, she is Cuban, and we have together three daughters, which were born with a difference of nearly six years each from the other. My eldest daughter was born in Cuba, the second in Colombia and my smallest daughter was born in Peru. In the assignments in Colombia and Peru I was with my family, but in the turns in Lebanon and Afghanistan I could not go with them, so we have had a family life like seafarers, 3 months outside, 2 weeks at home. In this time we have decided to move to Spain, a place where my wife is more familiarly as Germany. So we are living now in San Juan de Alicante, nearly the beach.

My eldest daughter Kati is going to the high school and she likes to study later marketing here in Alicante. She is a really independent young woman, and any times when we were traveling together frequently the people don't believe that she is my daughter.

My second daughter - Karen - is very smart and one of the best in the school, but a little bit lazy, trying to avoid all what she don't like to do with a joke. My smallest daughter Karolina is still a little baby, happy to play with her Barbie dolls. She is very smart and also on of the best in the school.

To the inner circle of my family are counting more our dog Angelo and the cat Tommy. Angelo is living with us since 1994, he is Colombian and have seen in his short dog-life many things and countries. Tommy is living with us since 2005 and a real Spanish newcomer in my family. I was afraid in the first time for my dog, but my ideas about the cat-dog relations until this moment wasn't necessary, they are living together more harmonious as many human couples.

Meanwhile we have changed 2008 to a bigger house, also on the Golf, and Angelo, our faithful dog has died in 2009. Since this time we have a Labrador named Dax.

In August 2011 my eldest daughter Kati and her boyfriend, after living 4 years with me have changed to her own apartment ... so it's more space at home ... let's see if Hotel Papa was better or not ....




Dr. Holger Frommert


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