My knowledge's in order of studies and professional life


The technical competence of each person is based on the professional instruction and the experiences taken in the professional life. Today is very important to study also in the daily work, considering the technical knowledge is improving day by day. The times where the studies where over, coming out of the university are over, the daily update is required to stay up to date.

In the last decades in many personnel offices we have a certain run only of the young people, but real experience is very important, especially in the consulting area. This is more important to have a large project experience and the required sensibility for the concrete situation, if the project is ongoing in foreign countries. These kinds of knowledge and experiences you can't study in the university, these you must take in your own practice.

As example: Anyone who never was kidnapped and coming out of this situation without bigger problems, never can know how he will react in this situation, but also the person who was kidnapped don't know how will be her reaction in this new situation, but this have the security that it's possible to come out of a situation like this by own experience. So the experienced person has better chances to resolve situation like this.

Experiences are necessary to bring the projects forward. We have these experiences.





Dr. Holger Frommert

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