Any private photos

Here are any private photos from my work and my family. Only my photos from Lebanon are lost, I have had a hard disc crash! Still I have the hope to get any of these back from a friend - we will see, if I have these I will put any here.

Germany - Spain - torn between both

< < <

My home in Germany - 60 meters to the forest - 100 to the lake - Ideal - but in winter very quiet ... and cold

An photo duel on the Broadway of Warren - our former administrative county seat

Once again in Spain - our felt home - my two elder daughters are still living there


The family has grown - the first grandson Lorenzo and the first son-in-law - Pablo

The work is still abroad - here in Ivory Coast with the Navy in an Anti-Piracy-Project

My eldest daughter Kati - a few hours before her wedding with our grandson Lorenzo


Now the first daughter is under the hood - here a photo with family and friends after the wedding ceremony

Even the smallest daughter is "become mature" - there is already material for discussion

With colleagues over dinner in Amman - over almost three years I was there again and again


In Alicante - with our "crown prince" Lorenzo - he keeps us on our toes

Berlin visit from Colombia - The two were our family in the 90s in Cali

Lorenzo now has his sister Lua - now we are double clamped in Alicante


Spain - Alicante


View from the Santa Barbara Fortress to San Juan de Alicante

1996 - holydays in Madrid - my family and Juan Carlos - the son from our "Colombian family"

Karos school enrolment in the "El Faro" college


My three daughters and Tommy - poor cat

Papa in vacations - with my daughters - summer 2005

Karolina likes the afghan hats - too much


Karen - the rubber woman

The game Sims is now the "best choice" on the PC for my daughters

Karens 12th birthday - the most important gift she has on her neck


After any resistance I have bought her a cell phone

Karen and Karo with my parents on the fortress Santa Barbara

My smaller daughters on the Fortress Santa Barbara


Valediction of my parents - finishing the holydays

Karo sleeping - Tommy likes to share the place

Commencement from Karen at the college


This was the last day from Karen in the "El Faro" College - Karo will stay here …

My 4 woman in face of the "Divina" - in the Alicante Port

Kati's holyday-job - behind the bar in the "Divina" - and her mother



Afghanistan - Kabul


Our first auxiliary office in the Kabul North West Substation

A ministry is moving - don't appear so, but it is - this is the furniture

Finally we have got our new offices - here we can work better


The destroyed gas turbine power plant Kabul East

Like Deichmann or Reno in Germany - but in Kabul

The money market from Kabul - money transfer by cell phone until 50.000 $ with receive on the border of a news paper


Also this is possible - Camels on the road in the centre of the city

This is also normal view to the streets - a Norwegian Military Patrol

In the background the totally destroyed Kings Palace from Kabul


The hope for Afghanistan - the child's - here on a wedding party

This is also Kabul - in Dubai Style - the Kabul City Centre

The first suicide attack I have seen - in the Internet coffee from our hotel



The residues of a suicide bomber in face of our ministry

Last trip at home - finished in Kabul - the view back



Germany - Malchow


1996 - Vacations in Malchow

Our house between forest and the lake - the middle of the 5 in the left corner

Kati and Karen on the laptop in my working room


Two little angles sleeping

And all on my shoulders

The snowball was taking the target exactly



Karens school enrolment - both are very proud

Shopping tour in Malchow with my mother



Peru - Lima


My ladies in the hotel pool in Lima - there we were living in the first weeks

Kati and Karen playing near the chimney

Our living room in Lima - now as at home in Germany with a chimney


My place in the Ministry of Public Affairs - the best was the 21 inch display - no normal in this time

With fiends in the garden - well artificial as usual in Peru

With friends on a track trail into the mountains


The first cry of my daughter Karolina

With Karen and Karolina

The baptism of my smallest daughter Karolina in Lima


Karen with her godparents

Karos baptism - a group of our fiends

The small Karo in the bed - How I can break out here?



Happy New Year 2000 - my parents, my wife and Karen



Colombia - Cali


The first week in Cali, on the Three Crosses Mountain, one of the signs of the city

So we have started in Cali, the TV carton was our first table

But 2 weeks later the saloon was looking better - and my bank account was smaller


Kati with a broken leg and Angelo

Normally the elder should sleep the small one, but this was different ...

First day at school - Kati is looking frightened


Katis first school day - she was not looking so happy

Who is guarding who? - Angelo watching Karen o vice versa

The best position to sleep for Karen - on papas knees


The pool was attracting Karen since she could walk

The pool from upstairs - Kati and my mother

Karen 1st carnival - she was an Indian lady


Karen, my wife and me

All our friends in Karen´s birthday party - one candle

The 1st birthday from Karen - My family


The grandmother has brought Chinese cloths - my daughters ware happy

The proud papa with his daughters

Kati and Karen with her grandmother from Cuba



The last night in Cali - with our friends from the German College



Germany - Berlin


The first night in our house in Berlin - 1990

Kati playing on the balcony

The first hobby from Kati - Dancing


Dinner at 11:00 p.m. - this was a very intensive time

Also hearing makes sleepy - my mother reading a book for Kati

My wife and her mother on the iced Fleesensee


With Cuban fiends on the Berlin Tegel Airport

This likes my wife - she is giving the orders - and all other must obey

Smoking break on a mushrooming tour in the forest


Kati and her grandfather - after mushrooming

Kati and her uncle Tim - my half brother from father side

Kati mounting pony on Langeoog island


As teacher for the CCC with students in vocational retraining

Going for a walk in Bad Honnef - My mother, my wife and Kati

Kati and my wife - DSE Bad Honnef - Preparation for Colombia



Kati is waking up

Departure to Colombia - our friends saying goodbye at 5:00 in the morning



Cuba - Habana


Two months after knowing my wife - 1985

New Year party with friends in Cuba - 1986

My first daughter Kati - here still very small - 1988






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