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In my opinion the most correct news source, relatively slow, but mostly very exact and sufficient critical.

The Russian counterpart to the CNN - very interesting, at least here the Russia political leaders are not reduced in his words, explaining completely their point of view - a source nearly the Russian government

The most objective source about news from the Arabic region, but also in other aspects interesting, they are looking the world from here angel, a very interesting view. Here are the Israeli military prisoners still captured and not kidnapped like in other sources.
The source is pro-Sunnite - therefore should be evaluated critically all news about no Sunnite Arab activities, like Syria, Iran, etc.

Political forum of the heise printing house - alternative information - also including sensitive issues - worth to read - in German

They have also one of the best IT sites - C't - on a very high level

Pelzig hält sich! - A critical political cabaret show, especially looking to the German politics - A very good program - the worst, we are laughing about the true, instead to become angry - asking for real changes ...
Other strong part of this show is also to re-take the advances in issues before reported - as example should be mentioned the case of the four tax police officers, decelerated as psychical sick by their chiefs. The unique program reporting this huge scandal and coming back to the same.

The masterpiece of Pelzig is the explanation of the economic politics in relation to Goldman Sachs - This explanation is worth for a price - the price of political information about the economic networking practices of the international finance economy.

German Foreign Policy - a web site with a critical view on the German Foreign Policy with prominent German referents and members. You must not share anytime all the points of view, but it's every time interesting. German language
Fastest source in the news, but not every time the most trustworthy source, they are very close to the US government.

A news paper nearly the German green party - in the East politics not so well informed. - German language
Critical TV program - very interesting - with a very interesting Archive
German language
A background magazine of RBB - good and critically - mostly a good source - especially the archive of clips on this site. - German language

A other background magazine - good and critically - mostly a good source - especially the archive of clips on this site. German language

A other background magazine - good and critically - mostly a good source - especially the archive of clips on this site. German language
Allgemeine Schweizerische Militärzeitschrift - A German speaking Newsletter with news form all over the world with military or military-political background. Short and correct like usual for the military - useful to read!

Interesting points of view - Uri Avnery is the founder of Gush Shalom. The publicist was working long time in the Knesset as parliamentary and is well known in his country as well in all over the world for his critical ideas about the official politics of Israel. For his commitment with the peace movement he was honored in many occasions, like the Erich-Maria-Remarque-Peace Prize of Osnabrück (1995), the Aachen Peace Prize (1997), the Bruno Kreisky Prize for  merits in the Human Rights Policy (1997), the Alternative Nobel Prize (2001) and the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Prize of Oldenburg (2002).


Museums and other kind of information's

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Kabul Museum

Directly in face of the destroyed Kings Palace - giving a good overview over the early history of Afghanistan. There are two other museums - the National Gallery and an Art museum in Shar-e-Now - but they don't have a web site

Cultural Profile

Home of British Council Afghanistan - a good country and cultural overview
The Beirut National Museum is one of the most interesting museums I have seen in my life. You can see in this museum the history of this territory, pretty specimens from the Phenoezians, Geeks, Romanians until the Arabs.
If you are in Lebanon, you must visit Baalbek - there you can see the history of the centuries in the architecture. If you can couple this visit with a concert in the ruins the visit is a double success. The linked page is not so good, but with best information I have found in the Web. On this page you should also see the other historical cities and places - Tripoli, ...
The Soap museum in Sidon is very interesting point where you can see many about this business, but also about the Arabic culture. The city Sidon has a interesting Fort and very impressive Souk - Market ...
The city of Byblos you should visit also, which city you have seen that have a history from more then 3000 years, which can be seen by architectonical monuments? I could not find a good Website, so I have linked this with Wikipedia, where you can find now anything.


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