I'm very interested en history and politics, reading so many books from these contents. This interest was starting since my childhood, a controversial interest in the former East Germany. With my participation in discussions I was not only winning the sympathy of my teachers in the school. Similar experiences I was getting in the university, but in the universities of East Germany was a more liberal climate, so I don't have had the same problems as in the school, but also any interesting moments.

After the unification of Germany I was from 1991 until 1994 member of the liberal Free Democratic Party, the first time I was entering a political party, in East Germany I have had to much discussions - so I was happy not to be asked to join the unique governmental party with the mostly usual intensity.

Especially I'm interested in the history of Latin America and Near East, but in the last years also the history of Afghanistan and the surrounding countries. I was recognizing that our angel to see this world is very limited, and different as the local point of view. To see this other part of the reality, I believe is necessary to see more the local information sources to get a real impression what is ongoing in this world. Exactly the different view to the same picture - with different comments - and this is the area where is shocking the history with the propaganda.

I can recommend to read the book "TLI - Lingua Tertii Imperii" from Victor Klemperer, which is analyzing the German language in the time of Nazism (1933 until 1945). Target of this analysis is the form to paint with the apparently objective words a in the printing medias a "enemy target" for the readers. As I was reading this book the first time - still in the East Germany times - I was getting more sensibility and a better view to the news - and we from the East were usually reading more between the lines of the news as only the text.

On the news of these regions of my interest I'm checking this contradictory form to describe the issue in the different medias - making so the comparison "Local vs. World" media, which can have surprising results. These examples I'm collecting since any time, all with the idea to write a book or a second dissertation about the issue - Senior studies are now in, also without study subventions.

Here I have any examples of this controversial news:

The fact Description in the media
Local information "World media"

July 2006 - Lebanon - Israel

  • Pro Arabian forces were taking soldiers from Israel as prisoners
  • Between Lebanon and Israel don't exist a peace agreement since 1967
  • The captured soldiers are under the international law combatants


The soldiers are evaluated as prisoners of war of the different in the conflict involved countries, groups or militia.

According to the local news the soldiers were captured on occupied Lebanese soil.

There are more reports about captured and killed Arabs by soldiers from Israel on Palestinian soil, including child's.

The soldiers were captured on the Sheeba farms, Lebanese territory, occupied by Israel in 1967

The soldiers from Israel were kidnapped and taken hostages, which was the "reason" for the massive destruction of Lebanon.

Also in mostly liberal media, like the German "Spiegel" are written over killed "fanatic teenagers".

21st March 2004 - Herat - Afghanistan


Disturbance in Herat and attacks on UN offices

After a assassination intent of the Governor of Herat and the assassination of his son and 2 bodyguards any of the killer were escaping to UN offices. The population, supporting the Governor, was requiring the handing over of the fugitives, what was not done. So the population was occupying the UN offices. The responsible for the assassination never was founded. There were attacks on UN offices by fanatic people which are from the political group of the Governor.

The reasons were not mentioned. The political responsibility was assigned to Ismael Khan, the Governor.


Other hobby is to read especially Spanish spoken writers, like Vargas Llosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but also Frenchs, like Robert Merle.

Finally I like to mention that I'm investing many time in my tasks, my wife is saying she is my second wife - my laptop is the first.




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