Business Consulting

Business Consulting is a wide field. My experiences in this area are formed mainly by my economic studies in my professional education and the application of this knowledge's in the practical work. Each new project needs in the opening phase a well based economic evaluation to be approved and can count with the required financing. Additionally the project needs a presentation and a well prepared documentation - all these are task usually prepared by consulting.

In each project I prefer to get in a initial phase a overview about the complex process in which is embedded the working area of a project, getting so a idea about the interfaces of the working area with the surrounding environment. This additional step is recommendable to find also internal reserves and to see alternative possibilities. There is the external status of the analyzing personal an additional advantage which can be helpful to find "historic" reserves and structures. Especially in cases where the target is an new IT-solution this previous analysis is recommendable, to optimize the process before the modeling of the process is starting. This is the same philosophy which is using international software enterprises like SAP and PeopleSoft, where the consulting costs in the implementation phase usually are higher as the license costs of the software.

My experiences in the business consulting are relatively integral, why I have had to work in nearly all areas in the Premium GmbH Berlin, at least y was working as staff member. These are specifically:

  • Operations review - Analysis of the technological workflow and other criteria,

  • Economic evaluations and analysis for the application for international and national promotional programs,

  • Elaboration of business plans, credit documentations and handling of the credit negotiation with banks,

  • Elaboration of marketing planes and the required materials,

  • Elaboration of presentation materials in electronic format or as printout,

  • IT- and communication consulting for technological processes.

Should be mentioned that an analysis in production and administration processes can be executed using different tools for the analysis. If the final target of the analysis should be developed an IT solution is the application of UML or other corresponding methods recommendable.

For the analysis of enterprises or administrations is also an advantage the knowledge of the sector or the technological processes in the area to analyze. But we recommend that the analysis is executed by an outsider, giving that an outsider doesn't take care on historical developments and structures.

Concerning the experiences by sector there are mentionable the followings:

  • Energy and water sector,

  • Enterprises in the environment sector and alternative energies,

  • Governmental institutions in the security area, like military, navy, police, justice and penitentiary system,

  • Construction material enterprises,

  • Metal and metal handling enterprises,

  • General office and administration area,

  • Real state broker including building and apartment administration,

  • Textile industry and

  • Agriculture (partial)

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