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There are no area in the economy which was winning in the last 20 years such a importance and public interest as the environment and water sector. In these years was sensitized the industry and the population in general for these themes. In concordance there are today in many countries strong legal requirements for all kinds of activities.

Also the water area is getting in the last years more importance, may be the regional focus is different, but the general analyzing methods are nearly the same. Meanwhile in Colombia the flood control was the focus, in Afghanistan the flood control was important, but more importance have had the irrigation and agricultural use of the dry soils.


Map of the river basins and main water projects of Afghanistan

In Colombia, exactly in the Valle del Cauca was the main focus of the water management the flood control, with lower priority the water use, and only partial the energetic use of the water power. Main focuses of the CVC was in the water area the identification of flood-prone areas and the elaboration of contingency plans and/or elaborate rules to restrict possible urban settlements.

The main problem in the Cauca valley is the high flow velocity and the extreme amount of precipitation which is falling there in short time intervals. For the calculations were used different flow models, which were alimented with local and with NOAA data. The results of these calculations were incorporated by the CVC and the University del Valle into the regional contingency plans of the department.

In Afghanistan the target was more as the flood control the data recovery of historical data and projects, as well the irrigation tasks for agricultural use. In a first step was saved the available historical data of the former hydrological network and from older, not executed projects. These project data was revised and with or without corrections included in the master plan of the country.  For instance the Chakhan-Sur-Project of the  Asian Development Bank was elaborated in 1973 by a American enterprise and never executed. In this project was a component of flood control and irrigation.

A special focus of my work was the data recovery and the exposition of these data in the Intranet. Inside the ministry and the connected enterprises there was a small number of old staff, how have many documentation in personal custody, as well which is stored indifferent places under precarious conditions. In both cases is necessary to recover the information. The time is running - and the older staff is going out - the next winter will destroy many more documents - this part which was surviving the war.

In the environment area I have had to execute many different studies, I have defined the working plans for our staff, or I was participating in studies with focused contents as sub contractor. Since my time as scientific assistant en the university, where I was starting in this area I have joined experiences. So I have given the practical education for our students in labour science measurement engineering, analyzing enterprises in the region of the university. Over my practical work outside of the university the focus of labour science was getting less, incrementing the technical part, until technical diagnostics and environment analysis.

In my professional life I have elaborated expertise on environmental matters, environment assessment reports in Colombia and in Germany, in Afghanistan I was participating in assessment reports, but mostly supplying the required materials and contacts for our short time experts.

In conclusion I should mentioned as own experiences the followings:

  • Measurement engineering in the environment and water sector, as well in technological processes,
  • Date management and calculations for river basin and flow models,
  • Elaboration of contingency plans for flood prone areas,
  • Execution of environmental impact assessment studies,
  • Coordination and Documentation of water and environment data.



Sanitary problems on the Kabul River
in Kabul in the summertime




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