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According to the Zeitgeist today the Internet is one of the most important media for the success of an enterprise or the image of an institution. But also private persons like to have now her web-site. So the market of the web-design is on of the most growing market segments in the IT area, according I was working in the time from 2001 until 2003 in many different projects.

In these projects I was doing the graphic design as well the programming part by myself. Any examples of this are shown on the side. Should be mentioned that the design and layout is every time a question of the client, and not necessary the gusto of the programmer.

For any of the as example shown web-sites I'm still giving the maintenance service, any other were over handed under the control of the corresponding owner.

My first experience in the planning, design and programming from web-sites I was taking in Colombia in the year 1996, where we have implemented a first Intra network based on browser technology, as platform for the documents of common interest. But the web was anything different as now, with HTML-1 - without Flash animations - a very text oriented page.

In the following year, just arrived in Peru the web-tasks were becoming more importance. The Intranet was a very popular basis to share information. In Peru I have developed the following bigger HTML-based information systems:

  • Intranet Project Control for the General Procurator of Peru to support the process of the justice reform and coordinate the more as 200 different projects, - 1997
  • Intranet "Fiscalia" - separated from the first mentioned project was developed a Intranet to store the information from the different Procurator offices of the country, including personal issues, contact data, process charge, etc. - 1998
  • First version of the official web-site of the Dirección General de Migraciones y Naturalización - DIGEMIN - the Peruvian migration service - 1998 - parts are in the current version still included.
  • Elaboration of a web based CD version of the results of the project SIMICA - Sistema de Información sobre Migración Internacional en los países de la Comunidad Andina - Immigrations report of the Anden Community 1990 until 2002 - starting in 1997 with the data from 1990 until 1996, later yearly reports. Parts of the reports were published on the official web-site of IOM Chile.
  • First version of the web-site of RENADESPPLE - Central Register of the detained persons for terrorism, treason of fatherland and drug offences - 1999 - the web-site was modified in 2002.

For my activities in Peru should also be mentioned in this part, that many new information systems were programmed as 3-tier applications, which are based in the display on browser technology. Such applications were developed under my specifications for the Peruvian Navy and the Ministry of Interior. Nearly 80% of the bigger new projected information systems between 1998 and 2001 were using this technology.

From 2001 until 2003, back again in Germany I was elaborating Internet presentations for different enterprises and private persons, starting with simple web-sites over enterprise presentations until more complex sites with more than 25.000 individual static automatically generated pages, with the objective to get the possibility to index each page exactly for robots.

In Afghanistan - 2004 until 2006 I have prepared two web-sites, one public site and the second as an Intranet. The official web-site was giving interested participants in the biddings more information about the projects in the energy and water area. In this side were linked the project relevant public information for all bidders. So was as example there hosted the scanned plans and documentation of a power plant which was content of a rehabilitation project, in total more than 3500 filed well documented information. On this site, with a hidden link was also hosted the information from the Capacity Building Group of the Donor Organizations, in which I was elected as Chairman.

This official web-site was developed under extreme time pressure, I have had only one week to setup the web and optimize and upload more then 3500 technical drawings and documents. Considering this fact there was any limits in the design and optimization of the web-site.

The Intranet was concentrating all available energy and water relevant information with and without project relevance. The web-site is based on a database which is divided between energy, water and other, mostly country relevant information. The following information content is shown in the Intranet:

  • All identified projects with a actual short evaluation of the project status, basic information of the project, contact data of the staff involved in the project and links to all project relevant documents, etc.
  • To the contact data linked the Outlook Contact data, which the interested user can incorporate to the personal Outlook client,
  • Energy and water relevant, not project relevant information, documents and reports as an electronic library,
  • Country information, mostly from AIMS, which was bought by the ministry,
  • Older ministry documents and public information about the sector,
  • Other data, personal data of the employees of the ministry with associated information, as example should be mentioned the IT-user database and the equipment database; all these information only for the internal use inside the ministry - impossibly to reach from outside users,
  • General interesting data, like the afghan holiday calendar of the year, etc.

The access rights to the Intranet were limited to the internally involved staff of the ministry and outside user, so the members of the international donor community, which could personally identified access the intranet.

After finishing my assignment in Afghanistan I have prepared any other web sites for a Turkish and an Spanish enterprise, which I like to show here as last examples.

Finally should be mentioned that for the elaboration of a web-site is required many graphical design works, which are usable for other materials, like presentation cards, enterprise stationery with logotype, PR-documents, etc. In the connection of these different tasks the client can minimize costs and give a strong corporative image. The printing works I'm usually going to coordinate with local printing enterprises.

Additionally to these printing works I have prepared enterprise presentations in different form, which were starting with copies from the web-site to a CD, over PowerPoint presentations until own standing flash animated presentations for CD-distribution.







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