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Die im Studium vermittelten Grundkenntnisse habe ich vielfach in meinem späteren beruflichen Leben einsetzen können, dies gilt sowohl für Projekte, als auch in der Betreuung von studentischen Diplomarbeiten, vorwiegend in Kuba und Kolumbien.

The energy sector is the main content of my professional education. I have studied Energy Economy, specialization Generation, Transmission and Distribution of energy, and I was making my dissertation in the same area, in the specialization maintenance and process control. I was working also the most time of my professional life in the same area.

My studies where focused in the generation until the low voltage transformers in the electrical energy, but inside the curriculum were also alternative energies and gas production and transmission.

In the energy studies was included the terminal, as well the electrical area, including calculations for the design of the elements in the energy system.

These knowledge's I could apply in my professional life in many countries and institutions, in the direct work, as well in other task, like the supervision and attendance to students which have had to write the diploma - especially in Cuba and Colombia, but also in in Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Power plants in which I was working
or working as consultant

Also I was working in the design part of plants, on of the biggest projects was the modification of the steam diagram of the Santa Cruz Power Plant, where we have prepared the construction of a bus connection between the three first units, permitting so the heat supply of industrial users in the Santa Cruz territory. The project was awarded in 1986, and the construction was beginning in 1992.

In Colombia I was getting my first real experience with water power plants, which ware the main source of the energy production of the CVC. I was involved especially in the hydro power plant Alto Anchicaya and maintenance problems until the separation of the CVC from the energy production part.

In the area of energy application - or better the rational use of energy I have taken also practical experiences. As assistant in the university I have proposed in my faculty to make practical investigation with the students in the local enterprises, promoting so the practical education of the students, giving the same a better motivation and bringing a benefit to the enterprises as well to the university. It was difficult to realize this practical part against critical teacher in the university, but lastly this was implemented. So I was managing and evaluating the work of these groups of students in the territorially enterprises for 3 years.  In these practical works the students have had to fulfill the labor science analyses and measurements and an energy balance about the production process, documenting the sources for better energy application.

An other experience in the area of the rational energy application was the definition of the thermal energy requirements of the famous Rum-Fabric of Habana Club in Santa Cruz, which was difficult to handle, considering the different production lines, which could be very modern, until more then decades old equipment in a heterogenic structure. The results of these calculations where used in the mentioned project for the Territorial Energy supply of Santa Cruz as input data.

In the same area - rational application of energy I was working in my time in the Premium GmbH in Berlin, where I was working in the preparation of the former state own enterprises from East-Germany, which was specialized in the energy intensive industry of construction materials. In a first moment the enterprise was analyzed, including the production equipment, the production assortment, etc. I was specialized in the energetic and process control assessment reports. In a second step was analyzed the reposition needs and the market possibilities of the corresponding enterprise. According to the results was taken the decision to privatize or to close the enterprise. Considering the importance of the energy costs in this evaluations, which was beside the labor costs the most important cost factor

In the time from 2001 until 2003 I have done any small jobs for a architecture office, making the thermo technical calculations for small buildings, using the specialized software of this office.

In Kabul, in 2005 I was promoting a project which was designed to reconstruct the central heat supply of the Russian style prefabricated apartment houses. Central idea was the conversion of the former heating plant in a modern combined unit for heat production and energy production. The war impact was only in the plant, the tubs and connections in the houses are still in relatively good conditions, considering that the climatically conditions don't permit oxidation in a mentionable range and the Russian construction was over dimensioned. Benefit of this project should be the central heat supply, with a according decrease of the electrical energy consumption, especially in the winter time, bringing to Kabul new generation capacities, which are cheaper in production costs as the existing gas turbine units.

A visual inspection of the tubes in the buildings was giving the result that the corrosion is minimal and so the costs on this side can be limited. In a later phase of the project the system should be upgraded with valves and heat counters to permit a exact calculation for each user.

My effort to promote this project inside PISU was not bringing the results I was waiting for, so that I was making the steps to USAID to hand over this idea. Initial calculations and contacts where included.

The problem of the project was the cost factor, giving the high subsidies for energy in Kabul, and the project was only effective if this subsidy will be extended to project, or finished to give to other plants. The subsidies for Kabul were given by USAID, so can the difference in the specific color consumption crucial for the evaluation.

I believe that the project is still interesting and with a corresponding financing plan there are chances to improve the energy balance of the Kabul Network. Also in case of smaller armed conflicts in the area the investment is safe, considering that the habitants of this area have defended the territory against all threats in the past.

Lastly should be noted, that this type of construction is in Kabul a good seen area, which has given under bad conditions a nearly safe area.

Summarizing I have experiences in the energy area in the following tasks:

  • Energetic calculations in the energy sector, in generation, as well in the electrical part,
  • Energetic evaluations in the area of the rational energy application,
  • Maintenance of complex equipment, like power plants, including technical diagnostics,
  • Energetic evaluation of production processes,
  • Elaboration of projects in the energy sector and implementation and execution control,
  • Other similar tasks in the IT and process automation.




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