From 2004 until 2006 I was working in the Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan as IT-Project Manager inside a World Bank project. There I have had contacts with the Ministry of Communications, to the Ministry of Rural Development, especially the National Solidarity Program and different private enterprises. These enterprises are mostly active in the Energy and Water Sector, but also in other areas, like construction and supply.

The most intensive contacts I have had in the same ministry working staff, the national as well as the international, coming from international organizations, like World Bank, USAID, Asian Development Bank, etc. and other local enterprises, mostly contactors of the ministry.

Additionally I have had contact to the Christian society of Kabul, mostly coming over IAM - the International Assistance Mission. These contacts was mostly in the cultural sector, like concerts and meetings of the fiends of the society.




Dr. Holger Frommert

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