From 1997 until 2001 I was working in Peru. The task was assigned over CIM in the framework of the German development policy, the program for personal assistance.

The contract was with the Attorney Generals Office of Peru. From this institution I have got different tasks assigned, where the RENADESPPLE was the most significant, a cross ministry project, in which were joined the following ministries and institutions:

  • Attorney Generals Office of Peru - Ministry of Public Affairs,

  • Ministry of Defense, where I have had special contacts to the Navy and the Army,

  • Interior Ministry, where I have had special contacts to the migration service and the central procurement dependency OGA,

  • Courts of justice - Poder Judicial - the counterpart of the Attorney General,

  • Ministry of Justice - especially the penitentiary system INPE, Instituto Nacional Penitenciario,

  • Ombudsman,

  • Parliament - Congreso de la República

In the named institutions I have had the best and most intensive contacts in the Ministry of Public Affairs, the Interior Ministry and inside the Navy, where I was working longer times.
Additionally to these labor relations in the I have had additional short term tasks in other governmental institutions, mostly over intermediation of the Navy, considering that in many administration charges are former navy officers. So I was working in short time assignments in the following institutions:

  • OSINERG - Energy Control Authority - Organismo Supervisor de la Inversion en Energia

  • INRENA - Nature and resource protection - Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales

  • INDECI - Civil Defense - Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil

Meanwhile the projects in the first two institutions have had a duration over more than 3 months, the last project in INDECI was only over 3 weeks, so with lower importance.

My team in the Attorney Generals Office - the Costa Rican lawyer Mauricio, Costa Rica, Barbera and David - local employed staff and I.

Beside these institutional contacts I have had strong contacts to different consulting and IT enterprises, like Microsoft Peru, Informix, SAP, etc.

Lastly should be mentioned that I was working with IOM - International Organization of Migration in the project SIMICA, a project which was analyzing the migration movements in the Anden Community countries. This task was corresponding with my activities in the same time in the Peruvian Migration Control Service.





Dr. Holger Frommert

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