The project were spitted in two components, the first Human Rights related, the second - our part - a technical task, oriented to strengthen the capacity of the Civil Register.

Our project counterpart in the Yemen Project was the Ministry of Interior, and there especially the Authority of Civil Status and Civilian Records, how is called the Civil Register, which is more a population register in the definition by the tasks of the institution.

Mainly they are currently involved in the emission of biometric based ID-cards means biometric enrolment for the application and non biometric cards. Intension is to close so the existing registration gap, especially in the northern part of the country in a verified manner. All applicants are searched by fingerprint and photo in a 1:N modus. For us the reached technical level was surprising.

In this time were executed and prepared many projects in the same and relevant area in preparation, starting with a internal network, the emission of biometric ID-cards and passports, etc. We have had contact with the following institutions:

  • Authority of Civil Status and Civilian Records direct counterpart,

  • Parliament member and civil society representatives, Camber of Commerce,

  • The enterprise which is emitting the passports and ID cards, in case of the passports including the enrolment of the applicants, and

  • Justice project of the US-Emabssy

  • Different Clan chiefs, recommended by our excellent local expert.

The map illustrate the status of birth registration of Yemen 2006, based on UNICEF and the official statistical data of the country. The map is an own product of our team.

The mission was affected by the bad relation to the EUD project manager, a lady with many experience in NGO work, but not technically and by content on the necessary level. Stating from semantically problems of technical issues until the lack of understanding the organisation of the register, which is since years more a population register as a simple civil register.




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