I was working in my activities for the IOM - International Organization of Migration - in the frame of the project SIMICA from 1997 until 2002 with different governmental institutions of Ecuador, giving support for the elaboration of the migration balance of this country.

I was visiting in this issue different times the local counterparts in the Ecuadorian Migration Police and the Ministry of Labour, which is handling the issues of the foreign residents in the country. This missions where coordinated each time by the local IOM office Quito.

Similar contacts we have had with all migration services of the Anden Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela). Also in the yearly migration conventions, mostly taking place in Quito, I was taking an active role as speaker, mostly reporting about the new steps in the Peruvian migration system.

In the frame of the SIMICA project we have had also contacts to the US State Department, which was mainly financing the project.





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