The Ukraine mission was started in November 2009, the coldest time in this country. Our task was to asses the readiness of the border sector her was understood the National Customs Service and the Border Guard Service, trying to improve the Integrated Border Management.

In the field contacts should be mentioned the followings with representatives of both services:

  • Central level in Kiev

  • BCP Port of Odessa

  • BCP Mayaky Palanca Moldovan Border

A very helpful contact was with the Odessa based EUBAM Team, an EU founded project to rise the standards of the Ukrainian and Moldovan level of border protection. This project was the unique real intent to promote the cooperation between the both main services on the borders. They have planned with the Ukrainian counterparts to implement a pilot project in 2011 on the Moldovan Border.

Additionally we have had many contacts with ongoing projects and institutions relevant in the sector and in the macro-economical context. Here should be mentioned the US-Embassy Customs project, different other US projects and the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance.

The Border Guard Service BCP leader explains us the in the photo the border area near Mayaky. The special conditions in this area are resulting that the Ukrainian road is going thru Moldova for any kilometers.  The same road is used for internal traffic inside Moldova.




Dr. Holger Frommert

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