In the years from 1984 until 1989 I was working in the Cuban energy sector. After tree years in the power plant "Nueva CTE Habana" I was working from 1987 until my definitive leave in 1989 in Havanna in TECENERGO, the scientific technical service enterprise of the Ministry of Basic Industries, which was attending also the energy sector.

From this time I have good contacts to this ministry, especially to the power sector. The contacts are not so fluid as to other countries, the mail and Internet access in Cuba is not so easy, but still the contact exists and is very cordial.

Over this contacts resulting from my direct work, I have many private contacts to former Cuban students in East Germany, as result of my activities as contact for these and other students from Latin-American on the university. And the most numerous group of Latin-Americans were the Cubans.

These former students are now in middle and high positions in Cuba, and these contacts can be re-establish every time if is necessary and useful.

Finally should be mentioned that I have many familiarly contacts in Cuba as result of my marriage, my wife is Cuban citizen.





Dr. Holger Frommert

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