Paraguay At the end of 2014, I participated in an IBM project - Integrated Border Management - in Paraguay. The project was advertised by the IOM. As part of the project, the project team prepared a status report with vulnerability analysis and proposals to improve the existing border control mechanism. The following institutions were included in the analysis;

  • Paraguayan Migration Service,

  • Ministry of the Interior

  • National Police

  • National Customs Service

The following topics were included:

  • foto-idAnalysis of the basic conditions of cooperation for border management

  • Manufacture of the national passport - including connections to the civil registry - Assignment of National Identity Number (NIN)

  • Analysis of the typical travel documents of the neighbouring countries

  • Analyse of the IT systems and the level of information exchange

  • Analysis of the transport routes and typical flows of travellers - including vulnerabilities - Smuggling and other offenses

  • Analysis of typical and representative border crossing points

  • Proposal of alternatives to improve the overall system

  • Detailed analysis and proposals to improve visited border crossing points

The extent to which the proposals were implemented is not known, but information from 2016 bz IOM workers made it clear that one of the weaknesses highlighted was used in a nationally recognized crime.

presThis presentation presents some selected results of the project.





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