In 2008 I have accepted an EC-project in Moldavia, designed for a partial time over 2 years, targeting to support the introduction of the national biometric passport.

Content of the project is the definition of investment opportunities to support the application for the biometric passport. Therefore was evaluated the biometric passport according international standards and defined possibilities for a more qualified internal and external identification focused on the EC area, especially the Schengen states. The defined opportunities where presented the local EC Delegation and accepted from the same.

Regional counterpart is the Ministry of Information Development, which has a very high technical level. Inside the ministry is the state own enterprise "Registru" in charge of the production and distribution of the national identity documents, including there the national ID card, driving licenses, passports and other documents. The quality and security of the emitted documents is very high. This technical high level standard of the ministry have his price, concerning the price of the biometric passport is this price very high, taking in consideration the relatively low average income of the Moldovan population.

Therefore the main target of the EC project is to support technically the ministry, permitting so the reduction of the price of the biometric passport. This activity is still more important if there is taken in consideration that the conventional passport without biometric components is parallel still in production - with a price of 20% of the biometric passport price.

The emitted biometric passport is  type B passport, including the digital photo and the fingerprints of both forefingers of the passport owner. Technically the parallel production of the biometric and the non biometric passport was solved using the same booklets for both. In the biometric passport is only glued a plastic container with the chip and the antenna on the inside of the cover page and the same is marked with the international symbol of the biometric passport on the outside cover page.

In the content of the project was analyzed the information and technical needs of the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Information Development,

  • Presidential office - Advisor for information technologies and development,

  • Service for Information and Security,

  • Border Guar and Customs Service,

  • Interior Ministry,

  • General Procurator Office,

  • different state own relevant enterprises,

  • Consulates of selected countries in Moldova,

  • etc.

The project is designed for partial time over 2 years and should finalized with the implementation of the supplied technology.

The tender is meanwhile executed and the implementation has started (2011).





Dr. Holger Frommert

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