From 2003 until 2004 I was working in the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water as IT and Energy Expert inside a project from the European Union. In the frame of this project I have had contacts with the Lebanese Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) which is coordinating all bigger projects in Lebanon. One of these projects was the National Load Dispatch Centre, which was also important for my mission in Beirut.

The strongest contacts I have had to the EdL - Electricité du Liban - government own energy enterprise - the Lebanese counterpart of the French Electricité de France. The EdL is the nearly exclusive generation and transmission enterprise, in the distribution sector they have a share of any 85%. Considering this position, the EdL is the key point in the Lebanese Energy Sector.

Additional contacts I have had with local consulting enterprises, which where working in the energy sector in the same time. These contacts are still active.




Dr. Holger Frommert


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