In 2008 and 2009, and 2014 and 2015, I have participated in different EC projects in Jordan. In detail was given IT support to the following institutions inside EC framework contracts:

  • Ombudsman office, 2008, definition of the required IT support for an effective case management system for the complaint management of the recently founded institution with a detailed support of the decision making process, using standard forms and solutions as well as a library function for the corresponding legal base,

  • National Centre of Human Rights (NCHR), 2009, with the same focus like the Ombudsman office, and additional the design and elaborate a new institutional web site of the NCHR.

  • Juridical Institute of Jordan (JIJ), 2009,  conception and development of a web access to a database with juridical, human rights relevant information. The task was extended on my suggestion to include also other topics, filtering other human rights relevant information if this is required. The elaborated solution permits also to include the existing sources in the library of the institution.

  • memr-teamJordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), 2014-2016, Supervision and Guidance of Evaluation of Tender offerings for Jordan Central Energy Information Centre (First Stage - Selection of Accredited Companies) - Evaluation of Technical Concept, Experience and Financial Situation of the participating companies.

    Subsequently, for the 2nd stage - determination of the winner of the nominated companies in the first stage - the tender documents were revised and updated. These were then handed out to the nominated companies who used them to create their technical offers.

    Evaluation of offers, determination of the company which received the order - it was Beijing North Star Technology Development Co.Ltd. - China, as well as the implementation control were part of the further work. The technical support and perception of the interests of the ministry to the Chinese company up to the function control and commissioning of the system were the further phases of the contract.

All tasks were completed as EC framework contract and according to the EC standards.
The implementation Ombudsman task was better as initially planned; the level of the IT solution is now higher as planned before as result of a general acquisition of new IT equipment. The initial solution was considering only the existing IT equipment.

The last both missions were only short time missions. The preparation of these missions was on the counterpart side not sufficiently, in one case there was no technical counterpart, in the other the technical counterpart could not implement the recommendations so the results are according to my knowledge still not implemented.

The assignment in the MEMR was very successful, the tender evaluation was correctly and in time, the new tender document was modified to be able to evaluate the technical and financial offers of the second stage offers very easy and fast.





Dr. Holger Frommert

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