In 2008 I was working in a short time project for the EC in Managua - Nicaragua. Content of the project was the "Support to the Modernisation of civil Registration and Citizens basic ID System in Nicaragua" for which should be defined the technical and economically basic information, giving so the EC administration in Brussels the possibility to decide about the feasibility of the corresponding project.

In the frame of the project was analyzed the existing system of the civil registration of vital data, the existing ID-card system and the planned new identification System and defined the technical needs for the new system. Base of the evaluation was the existing legal framework and the ongoing pilot project for the new national ID system, financed by a Spanish credit.

The Spanish pilot project for the new ID system, started in 2006, was taken as base. The project was including only a small part of the local coverage, the province capitals and the city of Managua. The outstanding equipment to cover all the required offices in each municipal capital was included in the project, covering all 139 offices. In the project were introduced only small variations concerning the Spanish pilot project - employing more effective and cheaper equipment in two cases, permitting so the application of the Spanish software in all the new offices.

The new ID card was designed by the Nicaraguan "Consejo Electoral Supremo" and the Spanish enterprise "Transtool" in charge of the project. The ID card is a polycarbonate card in check card format with the corresponding security features, including the minutia of the two index fingers of the owner, which is codified in the pdf-barcode of the card.

For the personalized verification of the identity of the card owners was implemented a 1:n fingerprint search algorithm, avoiding so the suplantation and double emission of ID cards with different data to one and the same person.

Further the project was including the definition of the system of the Civil Registers of Nicaragua, including hardware and software supply.

For the project was defined all the required EC documentation, including the Technical Specifications, Action Fiche, Budget and the Logical Framework.





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